BitterSweet Day

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Its my 25th birthday and its also the day my world turned up side down 5 years ago. 5 years ago on the night of my 20th birthday  my grandma had her fatel stroke. It wasn’t until the next day that my cousins found her.I was the last person she had called. She had called me to say happy birthday but i never answered the phone because i was extremely ill. And I will always regret not answering the phone, if i had maybe things would have been different. Grandma would not want me to dwell on the past. As I celebrate my birthday , i think about my grandmother. She was a strong vibrant women. And she didn’t take crap from anyone, she’d put you in your place real quick,she was an ol’G. She worked until the day she died and always took care of other people and always putting herself last. And church was a big part of her life. She always made sure she went to church no ands ifs or buts. She taught me so many things and I carry those memories with me. I just hope she knows how much i loved her and that she is not forgotten. I hope she is looking down proud me and everything that I am accomplishing. I made a promise to my grandma that I would come move to missouri, continue my education and work at the hospital and i am keeping my promise. I got a job at the hospital and i know my grandmother is proud of me. I can feel her smiling down on me. But not going to stop, i am determined to succeed and to make something out of myself. Grandma i love you and i miss you , i hope you are resting and at peace.