Since last year I’ve been hooked on this show called ShadowHunters on Freeform. And let me tell you, the show is getting so good . The one thing that i am loving about the show is that it is still using the books for references but yet at the same time doing their own thing . I’ve read the books and watched the movie before season one came on. I Love that in season two that they are changing more things up away from the book but still keeping the book in mind. And know with Sebastian aka Johnathan in the mix things are getting crazy. I can’t wait to see Clary and Sebastian come face to face now that she knows that her brother is alive. technically they have but she doesn’t know that Sebastian and Johnathan are one in the same yet. And speaking of Clary, i am really glad her and Simon are over. i mean don’t get me wrong , Love Simon but Clary belongs with Jace. I love Simon and Clary’s Friendship and i don’t want their friendship to get wrecked and or tainted because of the breakup. the friendship that Simon and Clary have is really hard to come by. I think that Simon is really starting to come into his own, and he is showing more and more that he can hold his own. I loved that fight scene with Simon and that vampire. I can’t wait to see more of Clary and Jace together, what they have between them is strong, and undeniable. And now that it looks like Clary is coming out of the in denial stage maybe we will start to see more of Clace. Speaking of Jace, i want to see more of his new abilities. it seems like his new abilities only get activated when Clary is in trouble and or hurt . I am a little worried about Malec, i think that that they have hit a rough patch. And now with Alec being the head of the Institute i think that they are going to be really tested. The biggest problem in my opinion is that they don’t know each other that well. And with everything going on i don’t even know if they have had time to get to know each other. But Malec will get through it, they are one of my favorite couples so i am rooting for them. And now since its starting to become known that Johnathan is alive, things about to get really interesting i just know it. From moment Sebastian came into the picture i just knew he was up to no good, even Raphael could tell. And new that when valentine and Jace in 2×10 that Sebastian(Johnathan) was in the shadows and took the Soul Sword and heard everything that Valentine said to Jace. I really am excited to see Jace and Sebastian(Johnathan) come face to face with each other. They both went through similar experiences with Valentine . Valentine raised them both and made them who they are now. but even though there are similarities between there is one thing that sets them apart. I honestly believe that if the Jace didn’t have the Lightwoods then he probably would have ended up like Sebastian. That is what makes them different beside the fact that one has angel blood and the other has demon blood. Sebastian never had a father and mother to love him,to guide him(and maybe in his own twisted way valentine tried to) and to protect him. Sebastian life was predetermined for him before he even came into this world. and lastly i wonder if we are going to see Jace with the heavenly fire on the show? that was one of my favorite part of the book series. i am curious to see if they are going to put it on the show, guess i am just going to have to wait and see like everybody else.

I can’t wait to see the rest of season 2 and whats to come!