So for a while now I’ve been wanting to try Snackcrate. I have been seeing it on social media and I have always wanted to travel around the world. So I think its pretty cool to be able to try snacks from a different countries. So recently I got my snackcrate and I actually thought it was pretty good. The Country I got was Poland . What I liked about it was that it had some info on the country. I actually really liked the snacks that I got. But I really wished I would’ve gotten the drink with it. I got the mini box. I was so nervous about how snacks were going to taste, but overall the snack were really good. My favorite was the Jezyki Classic. It was a chocolate bar with nuts and I believe carmel. Price was I thought that for the mini it was a little expensive for a mini box especially if you are not getting a drink with it. It was $24.70. But Overall I thought the box was good. I think that if you are traveling to another country and you want to get an idea of what type of snacks they eat before you go there then I think you might like this box.

So I will be trying another snack box but from a different snack box place. This time I will be trying Universal Yums and I am really excited to see what I will get and what country it will be. I will be getting the Yum Box which comes with 6+ snacks . Don’t belive it comes with a drink. For my first time trying it I decide to get the small box to see what it was like . The price was about 15 dollars and some change. So I am really excited and when it gets here I will let you know how it turned out.