SnackCrate #2 Snack Review Talk

I must say there is a lot a different flavors going on in this box. My least favorite was the Extreme Chewits Tutti Fruitti flavor. It had a bad after taste to me . But I did like Sour Apple flavor Chewits. Another least favorite snack was the the Bacon Flavor Fries, which surprises me because I love bacon but bacon flavor just doesn’t taste good. I was surprised how much I really liked the Scampi&Lemon Flavour fries. The Tayto Craft Vintage Iris Chedder & Onion Flavour crisp weren’t bad but they weren’t my favorite. They just tasted like regular potato chips . The Mega Meanies pickled onion flavor crunchy puffed corn Weren’t bad either . When you first open the bag you can definitely smell the pickles but when I ate it really didn’t taste the pickle all that much. The Elite Kimberly cookies with marshmallow that has been dipped in milk chocolate was one of the snacks that I didn’t like.  I thought I would love that one because I love chocolate and I love Mashmallows. But i ended up not liking it . It had like a weird cinnamon taste to it to me that I didn’t like. Skips Tingly Prawn Cocktail wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite. On the bag it tells you that when you put it on your tongue it will melt and I can tell you that it definitely does melt in your mouth. Overall I thought this box was really good. It has so many different flavors and there was a lot of snacks to choose from. I really enjoyed this box. It made me feel like I was experiencing Ireland. My Universal Yums box should be coming next and I can’t wait because i think the country for that box is France, another country I have dreamed of going to visit. Can’t wait for it to get here.