Over the last few days I’ve been trying to put into words about how I feel about everything going on. First off I want to say that I am keeping George Floyd’s family in my prayers. What happen to him was horrible and it shouldn’t have happened. But sadly too often it does happen.

This is the time to take your blinders off because racism still exist, it has always existed. The black community is still fighting the same fight that our ancestors fought. Instead of going forward this country has gone a thousand steps backwards. When is it going to stop.When is enough going to be enough. Why is it all you see is the color of our skin. Why are we not worthy, why aren’t we good enough. We are tired, we are sick and tired. Our skin color may differ then yours but we are the same. We feel the same, we hurt the same just as you do. I matter, the black community matters. Black men,women, and children are intelligent,talented,beautiful,strong,and resilent. We are more then the color of our skin.

I want better for future generations to come. Nobody should have to live in fear. I Hope and pray that one day change will come.