Tonight’s Dinner

Hello Everyone! Today for dinner i made ribs,mash potatoes,pinto beans, and shrimp for dinner. I forgot again to take a picture, but next time i’ll make sure to take a photo so you guys can see it. I have really come to love pinto beans a lot. pinto beans are really good. i also like black beans, and black eye peas. For the ribs i used beef ribs with sweet baby rays barbecue. I really really love sweet baby ray barbecue sauce especially the spicy barbecue. I prefer beef ribs over pork because i am not really big into pork. And i made mash potatoes with out gravy. i typically make mash potatoes without the gravy . Overall dinner was pretty good. I have no idea what i am going to make for dinner tomorrow.I guess we will just have to see what tomorrow will bring. I just love to cook. The kitchen is my favorite place in the house. Can’t wait to show you what i cook tomorrow.

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