Relaxing Day

Today was a pretty chill day. I went out for a little bit to run errands and then came home and made dinner. All and all it was a relaxing day. Might watch a movie tonight or play my video games. it was pretty busy at the stores. And i noticed that every time I go to the grocery store the price of meat keeps going up. I mean at this rate if the prices keep going higher on meat I will have to become a vegetarian. I’ve also been trying to find shampoo for sensitive skin/scalp, or some type hypo allergenic shampoo. I haven’t found any yet. I wanted to try something different for shampoo because my skin and my scalp are so sensitive. I’ll probably go check out another store to see if they have any hypo allergenic or shampoo/conditioner for sensitive skin tomorrow .And the weather was ok today. It was actually pretty cool outside. Then the sun came out and it got really hot.

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