Universal yums box #2 part 2

So I must say that This Universal Yums box was by far my favorite. There are so many different flavors . My top favorite was the Esmeralda Biscuit Orange Zest. It was sweet but not too sweet. I love that you can smell the orange zest on the snack. Another Favorite Was the Carmel Bubble. It just melts in your mouth and I love white chocolate. I also really liked the Bounty Fruit Summer mix. I love that it was sweet and had a fruity taste.The Tiramisu cream Cake Roll wasn’t bad but the coffee taste was to strong for me. I don’t like coffee in general. The Hrustata Potata Veal and Adjika was ok but wasn’t my favorite. It had a lot of flavors but wasn’t spicy and I love spicy food. The Wasabi chips strips disappointed me. I was expecting it to be spicy and they weren’t.  They just tasted like a potato chip. The Homemade onion Bread Chip and the Homemade garlic Bread Chip weren’t my favorites. The garlic and the Onion taste are very over powering. But overall this box was my favorite. I can’t wait to see what Country I get next month!!