General Hospital Shake Up

There is a lot going on at General Hospital. Ingo Rademacher who plays Jasper Jacks is leaving and allegedly Steve Burton who plays Jason Morgan is also leaving. To be honest i’m ok with Ingo leaving because i was never really a big fan of Jasper Jacks. However if Steve Burton leaves i’m going to be really in my feelings. I feel like Jason just came back and now he is leaving. I just starting to really like the potential of Britt and Jason being together. If they kill Jason off I going to be highly pissed off with General Hospital. I feel like my Soap heart is being played with. But on a good note, Trevor St.John who played Todd/Victor Jr on One Life to Live is Allegedly coming to General Hospital. I think he is a great actor and i can’t wait to see who he is going to play if he does join General Hospital. He was on Roswell New Mexico, which happens to be a favorite show of mine. As far as Peter, I think that Peter is who he is. In the Beginning i think that they were trying to redeem him. But the reality is that some people are who they are and some people can’t change there spots. And I think that the other problem is that Peter can’t admit what he has done wrong and he wants to blame everyone else for his problems. Yes he had he may not have had the best childhood , and he may not have had the best parents but no one made Peter make the decisions he made. He made the choices he made because he wanted to. He blackmailed,kidnapped,killed people because he wanted to. I think what made it worse is Anna’s Guilt. Anna had been caught up in her guilt that she ignored the reality when it comes to Peter. She knew what Peter had done and she allowed things to go too far with Peter. General Hospital has a lot going on, can’t wait to see what going to happen next on the show.