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General Hospital Notes Part 1

So there is a lot of stuff happening with General Hospital. Steve Burton left General Hospital. His Character Jason is supposedly dead . I am not surprised the direction they took with Jason. When heard that Steve Burton was possible leaving I had a feeling that this was probably the direction they were going to take with the character. And Plus the way they left it with Jason it gives them an opening to bring him back if they want to . I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see where things could have gone with Jason and Britt. I’m not a big fan of Britt but I was really starting to warm up to the idea of Jason and Britt being together. Then you have the whole situation with Sonny and Nina. I wish Sonny would have just told Carly about what happen with and Nina. I know that even if he told Carly from the beginning about what happen with him and Nina it would not change how hurt and angry Carly is going to be. However I think it’s better coming from him then from somebody else. Its going to hurt her more knowing that he kept this from her ,lied to her, and is in love Nina. And It’s not going to stay a secret for too long, some people already know like Peter and Willow. I would not be surprised that with losing Jason,things being strained with Sonny, that once Carly finds out about the Relationship between Nina and Sonny that Carly has a breakdown. I know she will definitely be going off on Nina. I Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens with them. Sasha and brando lost their baby. I thought General Hospital did a really good job with this storyline. I love that they brought Mike back as an angel to take the baby with him. And with all that going on Chase finds out about Maxie’s baby and now he is pretending to be the father. I understand why Maxie did what she did but there had to have been another way to keep Peter away from her child. I just having a feeling that this is going to blow up in Maxie’s face and that Peter already knows. For some reason I really think he knows. And then you have Curtis’s father showing up all of a sudden. I am a little suspicious about that and clearly Curtis’s Aunt know more than what she is saying.Then there is stuff going on with the Cassadines, which is not surprising because they are always into something. And Ava can never stay way from trouble. There is a lot of good stuff happening on General Hospital. I just hope they don’t drag their storylines for to long , cause they have a real bad habit of doing that. They still have the never ending Peter storyline going on. But even so I still can’t wait to see what happens next with some of these storylines.