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General Hospital Opinions

Although I don’t watch General Hospital ever day I still keep up with what’s going on. First off the Esme situation is out of control. Now she is claiming to be pregnant, this is like Nelle all over again. I feel like she is going to take Spencer so far down the rabbit hole that he won’t be able to get out of it. And now Trina is getting caught up because of Esme. We all know that Esme is the reason for the sex tape of Josslyn and Cam. But of course she is going to pin it on Trina. I think that Esme came to town to make everyone’s life hell because of what’s been put in her head regarding Ryan. I definitely believe that Ryan is Esme father and I believe Esme is trying to get back at everyone that she thinks hurt her father. Or maybe she is just out right crazy like Ryan and just wants to hurt people. it reminds me how when Nelle came to town trying to get back at people for things that ended up being a lie. I am still holding out hope for Trina and Spencer. However I think that Trina did the right thing when she said goodbye to Spencer. As much As I want them together its not fair for Trina to have to wait for Spencer . Trina deserves better than that and as long as Esme is in Spencer’s life there is no way that Spencer and Trina can have anything between them whether that’s a friendship or something more. Then there is Sonny and all the drama with Nina. I really believe that Sonny and Carly will find their way back to each other, But I understand why the divorce happened. I do feel like Nina and Sonny need to explore a relationship with each other in their real life so they can see where it can go as Nina and sonny not as Nina and Mike. However I don’t want Sonny to destroy his relationship with his kids specifically Michael over Nina. I know that Sonny is trying to Help Nina see her grandson Wiley but if Sonny keeps pushing Michael on it he may end up losing Michael or Michael may end up banning Sonny from seeing Wiley. I think that Sonny and Nina need to step back and give everyone space. Let things simmer down first and when everything cools down then reapproach the subject again. Right now everything is still fresh, and people are still dealing with the fallout from the Nina and Sonny situation. Michael is Wiley’s father and he has a right to decide who is going to be around his son. and I know that Nina is Wiley’s grandmother but she needs to give Michael and Willow space and time and maybe then they will come around. Plus to be honest I don’t think that she is really Nelle’s mother. I Think that whole thing is a set up. I don’t even think that Nelle is really dead. Hell I wouldn’t be surprise if she just shows up out of the blue one day. She could be in hiding plotting and scheming. But anyways I hope that Sonny gets back to himself soon. I don’t really like feel Sonny has allowed himself to deal with the grief and all the changes that have taken place in his life this past year. For months he went on thinking he was someone else, then he gets his memories back and goes home. After coming home he has to deal with the Cyrus situation ,then he loses his best friend Jason. a top of that his marriage starts to crumple all while trying to deal with his feeling for Nina. That is a lot to handle for one person. Although I don’t think Sonny would do therapy again because i think he was in therapy once before, I think Sonny needs therapy now. I hate seeing Sonny this way, you can tell he is not in a good place. But maybe talking to someone that doesn’t know him as Sonny and who doesn’t know him as mike will help him figure things out. I Hope he is still on his meds. I remember him telling Carly that he had been off his meds for I think two weeks. So hopefully he is really back on his meds. Speaking of Carly, As much as I love the character Drew I don’t want him with Carly romantically. If they get together I want it to be for the right reasons. I’m afraid that if they get together now its going to be because of their grieve for Jason. I know that Carly is missing Jason but I would hate for her to get with Drew under those pretenses. She tried that with Franco. She got With Franco because she thought that Franco and Jason were twins and she was missing her friend. And that situation completely blew up in her face. I don’t want that to happen to Carly and Drew. No can ever replace Jason, there is only one Jason. And no one can replace Drew. Drew is his own person, and has his own life. Drew spent so much time living Jason’s life, and having Jason’s memories. Drew Deserves to be with someone that wants be with him for him not because they are trying to hold on to piece of Jason. I really think that there is so much more to learn about Drew now that he has his memories . I think that Carly and Drew could have a really great friendship but this is the wrong time for them to get together romantically. I wonder what’s going to happen next on General Hospital. Even though General Hospital tends to drag out their storylines they still know how to keep their viewers entertained.