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Oscar Awards 2022

Yesterday was the Oscar Awards. First off I want to say congratulations to all the those that won yesterday!! Also to the hosts, Wanda, Regina,and Amy you guys did soooooooooo Amazing. This year’s Oscar Awards was the best Oscar Awards show that I have seen in a long time. But for some when they think of the Oscar Awards 2022 the first thing that will come to mind is Will smith and Chris Rock. First off I just want to say that I am a big fan of both Actors. It was really disappointing to see this. I understand that Will was mad but violence is not the answer. There were better ways to handle this situation. He could have pulled Chris to the side and talked to him or he could have talked to him after the Awards. And what’s sad is that Will winning an Oscar is now going to be tainted by what he did.And Chris shouldn’t have made that joke about Jada.If you don’t know, Jada suffers from Alopecia. Alopecia is an Autoimmune disorder that causes your hair to fall out. Jada had to shave her head because it. Chris Rock made a joke comparing her to G.I Jane. I know that comedians tend to push the boundaries with their jokes but making a joke out of someones health struggle is not ok. But I am proud of Chris for not reacting to Will smacking him because things could have escalated more.I hope that Will and Chris are able to talk things out because I hate to see two great talented actors who are friends fighting each other like that. But even with that happening between Will and Chris I still enjoyed the Oscar’s. I think that Amy,Wanda,and Regina should definitly host next year.