Love Island Game Season 5

I really love play the Love Island Games, So when they released Love Island Game Season 5 :Ex In The Villa I was super excited. Last Wednesday the last episodes of Season 5 came out. Overall Love Island game Season 5 was the worst season out of the Five seasons. I’ve have played all five seasons and Season 5 was my least favorite. I didn’t mind them having Mc’s ex Suresh in the villa however what I didn’t like was them try to force Suresh on us. No matter how many times Mc said no and no, matter how many times Mc told Suresh she didn’t want to be with him they kept trying to force him on her. If Suresh would have backed off from the beginning and let Mc be then maybe Mc would have given him a chance. Another problem I had was Casa Amor. Now they have done Casa Amor before In Love Island Game Season 2 and it was so fun. But Casa Amor in Season 5 was the worst. First off there was only three guys in Casa Amor and out of the the three you there are only two that you could potentially get with. And Season 5 Casa Amor didn’t even last long, it was only like 2 or three episodes so you don’t have a chance to really get to know the new guys before you have to pick someone. They should have given us more time in Casa Amor because that was the shortest Casa Amor I have ever seen. The Casa Amor in Season 2 lasted way longer and there was way more options to choose from in Season 2 Casa Amor. In the recoupling after Casa amor in Season 5, if you choose to not recouple with someone new and the guy you were coupled up with before Casa Amor recouples with someone else the game forces you to couple up with someone from Casa Amor. Another thing that I didn’t like was how some of the Characters behavior changed for instance Eddie. My Mc really liked Eddie in the beginning. He seemed really cool, and sweet and then a couple episodes into the game he turned into a complete weirdo psycho. They completely messed up his character. Nicolas from Casa Amor seemed like a good character in the beginning but the moment Mc coupled up with him he turned into a jackass who loved Drama. The other thing that made this Season the worst game the graphic/aesthetics. I had hard time designing my Mc because the options they had were the worst and just didn’t look right. It’s like they rushed to put this game together. And I know they could have done better because they have done better in the other seasons. I hope the Next season is better than Season 5. I almost decided to not finish playing season 5 because it was that bad and it just got progressively worse with every episode they put out. But I am hoping they will do a better job on they next one. #loveIslandgame #Exinthevilla #Season5


Warriors beat Celtics 103-90, claim 4th title in 8 years

BOSTON (AP) — The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions once again, topping the Boston Celtics 103-90 on Thursday night for their fourth title in the last eight seasons. Stephen Curry scored 34 points for the Warriors, who claimed the franchise’s seventh championship overall. And this one completed a journey like none other, after a […]

Warriors beat Celtics 103-90, claim 4th title in 8 years
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Being A Dog Mom

I love being a dog mom. I have a chihuahua named Rocco. He is such a mama’s boy. He is the tiniest dog but he has such a big bark. I think that sometimes he thinks that he is a big dog. I took him to the vet this week. He does pretty good when he goes but this time around he was not having it. He kept trying to hide behind me. I love being a dog mom and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Niece’s High School Graduation

Hello Everyone, Hope  Everyone is having a good day. It’s graduation time for the students . It will be 11 years since I graduated High School. My niece is graduating High School this Friday. It makes me feel so old. I won’t be able to to attend but I am so proud of her and I know she is going to do great things out in the world. I’m so proud of all my nieces and nephews. They are all growing up and becoming their own person and accomplishing so much. I just wanted say to everyone graduating this year whether it’s from High School or College, Congratulations 🎊 🎉!!

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Taking Care Of Myself

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone’s day is going good. I’ve been away from blogging for a minute now but I’m going to try and blog little bit more. I’ve been so busy and I’m trying to take care of myself mentally,emotionally,and Physically. I’ve been neglecting myself for so long that it’s time to get things in order. Right I’m trying to lose weight. It’s hard but I’m trying. I’m also going to start therapy soon. It’s time to take care of myself. It’s going to be a long road but it’s going to be worth it.