Birthday meal

So for My birthday meal I am having a seafood boil. It’s so good. I love seafood,its one of my favorite things to eat. I got shrimp and crawfish with potatoes,sausage,and boiled egg. Happy Birthday to me!!🥳🥳


My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday. I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by love and support by my family and friends. Even though its been so stressful these last couple of months I am so grateful for what I have. There are some people that i wish were here celebrating with me. Even though they are not here physically, I know they are looking down on me smiling . I am going to continue enjoying the rest of the day,and have some cake and seafood. I hope everyone has a great day!!


Random thoughts pt 1

Family, what is family? Family can be a complicated thing. The up,downs,the ugly, the crazy,the good and the bad. You can’t live with them but you can’t live without them. I use to hear that you can love your family but you don’t have to like them. And I didn’t understand it at first but now I do. What I’ve been going through has opened My eyes to a lot of things. When you started going through things you start to see how people really feel about you,how people really view you. It’s a bitter pill to swallow especially when it’s coming from people who are suppose to be your family. I learned a long time ago that sometimes no matter how much you love someone,whether their family or not,sometimes you have to love them from a distance because if you allow them up close to you, you will get burned.

What gets me is that people assume that because I’m quiet means that I’m weak. But they have no idea what I have been through. Those closest to me don’t even know what I’ve been through. I’m not perfect, I’ll be the first to admit it. I have flaws,imperfections,I make mistakes. I’m OK with not being perfect,because If I was perfect I wouldn’t be able to learn anything, I would be able to grow as a person. Your imperfections are what make you beautiful. And I wouldn’t change those imperfections for anything in the world.