Long Week

This week has been long, between moving and the cold weather. I never realized how overwhelming moving could be. It is such a process to move. it makes you realize how much stuff you really have. After these last couple of months I am just trying to get myself together. Its not easy putting the pieces back together. I feel like I am on the right path, but I know its going to take time, baby steps. And the cold weather is something else. Hopefully the cold weather will easy up a little. My anxiety has been acting up this week. It just flares up whenever. I hope with time and healing that it gets better.


Doggie Parenting

Being a Doggie Parent can be overwhelming. On Wednesday I had to take my dog Rocco to the vet because he was in pain and whimpering. Well I found out that it was his back and they put him on pain medicine. Yesterday my anxiety was all over the place because I was so worried about my dog. I don’t like to see him in pain. I can only imagine what parents go through everyday with their kids. I think if I had a kid my anxiety would probably be at a hundred.

Rocco is on restriction when it comes to his activity, he can’t jump around. The vet said he has to be still for two weeks . Its the disk in his back. I don’t know how I going to keep him still for two weeks. He has so much energy for such a little dog.