A Sudden Loss

Last night I got the devasting news that my neice passed away. My heart hurts so much. I just can’t believe she is gone. My neice is two years older than me but we grew up like sisters. I just can’t believe this is happening right now.


Mental Exhaustion

At what point do you say enough is enough. I think I am at my point. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. On the weekend I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown twice. I have a really bad habit of keeping everything bottled up and saying I’m OK when I am not really ok. It’s a bad habit I am trying to break but it’s hard especially when you’ve been like this your whole life. I know I definitely need to make some changes in certain areas of my life.

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Simone Biles

As you may or may not have heard, Simone Biles has withdrawn from the Individual All-Round because of Mental Health issues . I applaud Simone for putting her mental health first. I think that its hard for some people to admit when they are struggling mentally. Mental Health shouldn’t be ignored. I feel like sometimes mental health is often ignored and put to the side. Your health comes first and foremost, You can’t do what you need to do or help others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to come to that decision for Simone .I wish Simone nothing but the best and she is in my thoughts and prayers.



Lunch 7/27/21

So I’ve heard lot about the impossible burger. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I haven’t been able to eat burgers because ground beef messes up my stomach. So I’ve been trying to find a substitute for it.I am going to make an impossible burger today. And for the side I am going to make Petite Potatoes from Private Selection that you put in microwave. It’s Potatoes with smoked gouda,onion and thyme.i am really nervous about the impossible burger, wish me luck. I hope I like it.


7/22/21 Dinner Update

So on the 22nd I made chicken,red beans and rice with Corn on the cob. It turned out really good . I love red beans and rice, it’s my favorite thing to eat . The chicken was delicious.i wanted to cook wings but the store didn’t have any. I could taste the lemon pepper seasoning but it wasn’t overwhelming. This was a great dish and I really enjoyed it.

Tv Show


I love the show Charmed. The original Charmed has always been my favorite since I was a kid. But the new Charmed has found a place in my heart. But as you know Madeleine Mantock is leaving the show. Madeleine plays Maci the oldest of the sisters. I was really enjoying Maci and Harry as a couple. I wanted to see more of them together. I wonder if they are going to do the same thing they did on the Original Charmed and bring in another sister? I wouldn’t mind that. But anyways I wish nothing but the best to Madeleine. I will be waiting to see what direction the show is going to go in now.

Soap Opera

General Hospital Jason and Carly

I am a really big fan of General Hospital. Some of my favorite characters include Jason and Carly. Right know Jason and Carly are apart of this storyline where they have married each other. Now as much as I love their friendship, I don’t think getting married was a good idea. I know that they got married for business reasons, I still don’t think it was a good idea. I’m a really big Jasam shipper, however I was starting to be ok with Jason potentially being with Britt. I’m not a big fan of Britt but I could definitely see the sparks between her and Jason. I feel like this buisness arrangement between Jason and Carly is going to blow up in their faces. I feel like when the time comes to end the marriage Carly might drag her feet. Jason was the one that got away. And even though she had moved on I don’t think the idea of being with Jason romantically has ever left her mind. I am so ready for Sonny to get his memory back. I hope that what Jason and Carly are doing doesn’t destroy their relationship with Sonny. I love the brotherly relationship that Sonny and Jason have . I love the family that Sonny,Jason,and Carly have built together. They are a good example of your family is what you make it , you don’t have to share blood to be family.


Olympic Opening Ceremony

If your up like me then your probably getting ready to watch the Opening Ceremony. I am so excited. I know the Opening Ceremony is going to probably be a little different this year because of the pandemic but i am still excited. I think its still going to be good. I am excited for the Olympic games to start. Once again good luck to all the Athletes competing in the Olympics. Good luck to Team USA, Team Jamaica, and Team Panama. I hope the everyone enjoys the Olympic Opening Ceremony , I definitely will. I had to set my alarm because I thought I might over sleep and miss The Opening Ceremony. For Olympics I will be watching the Gymnastics and Track Field once they get started.