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Long Week

This week has been long, between moving and the cold weather. I never realized how overwhelming moving could be. It is such a process to move. it makes you realize how much stuff you really have. After these last couple of months I am just trying to get myself together. Its not easy putting the pieces back together. I feel like I am on the right path, but I know its going to take time, baby steps. And the cold weather is something else. Hopefully the cold weather will easy up a little. My anxiety has been acting up this week. It just flares up whenever. I hope with time and healing that it gets better.


Snow Day

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today I’m not doing much. its snowing outside, and although I’m a winter baby me and winter do not get along. I don’t like cold weather, I am more into the spring season. So today I’m just going to stay in and relax and binge watch the Golden Girls. I hope everyone has a good day. And for anyone dealing with winter weather today be safe.


WingStop type of Day

Today I got some Wingstop. Wingstop has become my favorite chicken place to go to. I really like The Louisana dry rub and I also really like lemon pepper. I typical get flat wings but once in awhile I get the thigh pieces.  At any other chicken restaurant I get the breast and wings. And the Wingstop rolls are so good. It felt like a Wingstop type of day.


My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday. I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by love and support by my family and friends. Even though its been so stressful these last couple of months I am so grateful for what I have. There are some people that i wish were here celebrating with me. Even though they are not here physically, I know they are looking down on me smiling . I am going to continue enjoying the rest of the day,and have some cake and seafood. I hope everyone has a great day!!

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Moving Foward

All though I’ve been going through a lot these last couple of months, each baby step I take is another step I take towards healing, towards moving forward. It hasn’t been easy, it’s been a struggle.But I know that it will be OK, it will just take time. I know the healing process is a process in its self. I’ve been going through so much that the holidays don’t feel like the holidays to me right now. I can’t worry about the things I can’t change, I just need to focus on the here and now.

Harry Potter


Congratulations to my Hogwarts house Ravenclaw on winning the Quiz Championship!!🎉🎊 I am so proud of my Hogwarts House. I love being a Ravenclaw all day everyday💙. I think every single house did a really good job in this Competition. I hope they continue to do the Quiz Championship in the future.