Gymnastic Olympics 7/27/21

Good Morning Everyone! I’m up early today to watch the USA Women Gymnastic team compete . I am so excited! I’ve been working so I haven’t been able to watch but I’ve been keeping up with the Olympics.Good Luck to USA Women Gymnastic team. Good luck to all the Gymnastic teams competing today. And good luck to all the Athletes competing today.


Olympic Opening Ceremony

If your up like me then your probably getting ready to watch the Opening Ceremony. I am so excited. I know the Opening Ceremony is going to probably be a little different this year because of the pandemic but i am still excited. I think its still going to be good. I am excited for the Olympic games to start. Once again good luck to all the Athletes competing in the Olympics. Good luck to Team USA, Team Jamaica, and Team Panama. I hope the everyone enjoys the Olympic Opening Ceremony , I definitely will. I had to set my alarm because I thought I might over sleep and miss The Opening Ceremony. For Olympics I will be watching the Gymnastics and Track Field once they get started.

Soap Opera

General Hospital: The possible return Of Drew Cain

So as you may know Cameron Mathison is going to be on General Hospital. It’s unknown who he is going to play. But there are rumors going around that he might be playing Drew cain. First I am really excited about Cameron being on General Hospital. He is a really great actor. You may recognize him as Ryan Lavery from All My children. Ryan Lavery was one of my favorite characters on All My Children. Secondly I like the idea of Drew Cain coming back because I feel like there is so much more to learn about drew, and there is so much more that General Hospital can do with Drew Cain. I think that Cameron will do an awesome job playing drew and making Drew his own if he is playing Drew. I am really excited to see who he is going to play on General Hospital.


Dinner 7/22/21

Today I going to cook dinner. I’m making chicken,corn on the cob, and red beans&rice. I seasoned the chicken with garlic powder, onion seasoning, lemon pepper,and seasoning salt. I’ll take a picture when I finish cooking.


Hocus Pocus 2 !!

I am sooooooooo excited about Hocus Pocus 2. I am a big fan of the first Hocus Pocus. It has become a tradition of mines to watch Hocus Pocus every year for Halloween since I was a kid. I know the second one is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see it. I Know the second Hocus Pocus movie is going to be so good.


Universal Yum Box July 🇬🇷

I got my Universal Yum box for this month. And the country I got this time, drumroll…… Greece! I am really liking this box. This box is in my top 5 favorite snack boxes. I am still going through the box but when I am done I will let you know which ones are my favorite . So far this box has been a nice balance between sweet and savory. I always wonder what it would be like to go to Greece. Greece is definitely a place I would love to see.


Family Dysfunction

I have come to accept the fact that my family is dysfunctional at best. It use to bother me how dysfunctional my family was but as I got older I realized everybody has a dysfunctional family in some way. No family is perfect. We all have our issues. I just wish we were close. And wish I was better at communicating. I guess all i can do is take it one step at a time. No matter what we go through I will always love my family, through the ups and the downs.


1 year without My Big brother

It’s been year today on July 5th that I have been without my brother Lamount. When he passed I didn’t think I would make it. And even though its been a year it still hurts and it probably always will. There are times when I think I am doing ok then I’m reminded that he is gone. But although he’s gone I know that his love, his spirit and the memories are always with me. I will always carry him with me no matter what .