7/22/21 Dinner Update

So on the 22nd I made chicken,red beans and rice with Corn on the cob. It turned out really good . I love red beans and rice, it’s my favorite thing to eat . The chicken was delicious.i wanted to cook wings but the store didn’t have any. I could taste the lemon pepper seasoning but it wasn’t overwhelming. This was a great dish and I really enjoyed it.


Christmas Shopping

Today I just got a jacket from Torrid online as a little Christmas gift to my self. I love me some Torrid. I’ve been shopping at Torrid for a couple of years. I used to hate clothes shopping as a teen. It was so hard finding clothes that would fit me, and it gave me anxiety. I am so glad that I have Torrid to shop at. I am starting my Christmas shopping a little late this year. I am not getting a lot but there are few other things I need to get. I even got my dog Rocco Christmas gifts. And I think I might cook something on Christmas Eve too.


Dinner for 7/13

So today for dinner I had leftovers from yesterday. Yesterday it was the first time I cooked in A week. Last week with everything going on I just didn’t feel like cooking. So yesterday I made cilantro lime rice and oxtails. The oxtail came out nice and tender. And I cooked my favorite brand of rice Zatarian. Cooking in the kitchen helped me get my mind off of everything going on,but just briefly. I don’t think I am going to cook anything for tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens.


Supper time part 3

Today for dinner I just decide to have leftover pinto beans and I cooked pork steaks to go with it. I wasn’t in the mood to cook a big meal. I just seasoned the pork steak, nothing to crazy or fancy today. But i did remember to take a photo of it. Tomorrow I am thinking about making shanks with some greens, we’ll see what tommorrow will bring



I love to cook. I think that cooking is cathartic. The kitchen to me is like my safe place. It’s my favorite place in the house. Today I cooked chicken and dumplings which came out really good. I think tomorrow or Friday I might make spaghetti. But chicken and dumplings was perfect fo the wintry weather going on outside right now.