Family Dysfunction

I have come to accept the fact that my family is dysfunctional at best. It use to bother me how dysfunctional my family was but as I got older I realized everybody has a dysfunctional family in some way. No family is perfect. We all have our issues. I just wish we were close. And wish I was better at communicating. I guess all i can do is take it one step at a time. No matter what we go through I will always love my family, through the ups and the downs.


1 year without My Big brother

It’s been year today on July 5th that I have been without my brother Lamount. When he passed I didn’t think I would make it. And even though its been a year it still hurts and it probably always will. There are times when I think I am doing ok then I’m reminded that he is gone. But although he’s gone I know that his love, his spirit and the memories are always with me. I will always carry him with me no matter what .


Hello 2021 and Goodbye 2020

Happy New Years to everyone! I am so ready for 2020 to be over with . I am ready for 2021. I am ready for a fresh start and new beginning. 2020 I was a difficult year. From the pandemic to losing my brother. I’m ready to start this new year fresh and renewed. I am not setting any new year resolutions this year. I decided not to set any new year resolutions this year because every time I set up a resolution I never follow through with it. With the New year I just want to enjoy myself, open myself and my heart to new things. So guess in a way I do have resolutions for this year,lol. I want you all to enjoy your New Years, have fun and be safe. It’s time to chuck the dueces up to 2020 and say hello 2021 I’ve been waiting for you to arrive. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!🎉🎊🥂🥳🙏💚🧡💙💛❤💜


Times like these

There are days that make you question who you are. There are moments that make you question friendships and relationships. Sometimes you briefly forget how strong you are.And even when things look unclear, Its times like these that you make fight harder. And when you think you are alone in this fight , look all around because there are people fighting this fight with you. Its in times likes these when we need each other the most. So lean on each other, support each other, and stand together

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To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You Movie

I am so excited about To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You Movie. I know it’s going to be so good just by looking at the previews. It’s coming out February 12th. If you are going to watch this movie make sure you watch the one before that. And read the books because if you think the movies are good , you are going to love the books that go to these movies. I am thinking of rewatching the first movie first before watching the second one when it comes out. And I love Peter and Lara Jean but by the previews I think that John Ambrose is going to give Peter a run for his money.


Not Yet 30 but No longer 20

My 25th Birthday was Jan 6th,2017, and it got me to thinking about my thirties. I can’t believe I am almost in my thirties. It seems like yesterday i was thirteen with no care in the world. Time goes by so fast , before you know it you are an adult worrying about bills. As a teenager you become in a rush to be an adult, taking your adolescent years/childhood for granted . You don’t realize that once you become an adult that you can’t go back . There are no do overs . Being so closed to my thirties scares me for a lot of reasons. its scares me because there is so much i want to do before my thirties that i haven’t done yet. The biggest thing though is that i am getting older , my nieces and nephews are becoming men and women before my eyes and are growing up in a blink. i just can’t believe how much time has gone by.  Don’t let life pass you by. Live it to the fullest,love hard and laugh even harder. You only have one life to live ,so live it with no regret.


Future travel plans

One thing about me is that i love to travel. there are so many places that i would love to see. One place i plan to go to is Paris,France. i have always dreamt of seeing the landmarks. every once in a while i think everyone should travel. it gives you a different outlook on life and society .  and it gives you a chance to learn about different cultures and different way of life.


New Year 

As 2016 comes to close and 2017 arrives i begin to look back at the year i had. 2016 has been a long year to say the least . its been a year of many ups, downs,triumphs,and let downs. As 2017 moves closer  i move foward with no regrets. the only resolution i have for 2017 is to not dwell on what could’ve ,should’ve,or would’ve been. I hope as you guys enter 2017 that you look toward your future and stay present in the here and now.