Podcast Update

Today is the day everyone! I uploaded my first episode today and I am sooooooooooo excited! I finally get to tell you the name of my podcast today. I really struggled with naming my podcast. I was going back and forth between names and eventually I finally found one. So with out further ado the name of my podcast is……. Talk With Me!!! I’m so excited for the podcast to be published. The first Episode is scheduled to be published today at 8pm tonight. The first episode is short and brief. Eventually I will make longer ones as time goes on. Its a little rough around the edges but this is my first one. And you will be able to listen to podcast on this blog, so check it out at 8pm!!!


Happy Inauguration Day!!!

Hope Everyone is having a beautiful day. I hope that today is the start of a new beginning for America. I pray that America can come together as one. Like I have always said we are stronger together then we are apart. Congratulations to President Joe Biden , I have faith that will take us in new direction and bring this country together. And congratulations to Madam Vice President Kamala Harris!!! You have shown little girls of color that they can be anything that want to be. I am excited to see what you and Biden are going to do and how you will bring this country together. Its time for new start, and healing.

On a side note I am making dinner to celebrate the inauguration. I am making ribs,cornbread, broccoli, collard greens, and I might make black eye peas. I hope everyone has a blessed day. Today is a good day.


Hello 2021 and Goodbye 2020

Happy New Years to everyone! I am so ready for 2020 to be over with . I am ready for 2021. I am ready for a fresh start and new beginning. 2020 I was a difficult year. From the pandemic to losing my brother. I’m ready to start this new year fresh and renewed. I am not setting any new year resolutions this year. I decided not to set any new year resolutions this year because every time I set up a resolution I never follow through with it. With the New year I just want to enjoy myself, open myself and my heart to new things. So guess in a way I do have resolutions for this year,lol. I want you all to enjoy your New Years, have fun and be safe. It’s time to chuck the dueces up to 2020 and say hello 2021 I’ve been waiting for you to arrive. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯‚πŸ₯³πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’›β€πŸ’œ


New YearΒ 

As 2016 comes to close and 2017 arrives i begin to look back at the year i had. 2016 has been a long year to say the least . its been a year of many ups, downs,triumphs,and let downs. As 2017 moves closer  i move foward with no regrets. the only resolution i have for 2017 is to not dwell on what could’ve ,should’ve,or would’ve been. I hope as you guys enter 2017 that you look toward your future and stay present in the here and now.