Podcast Update

Today is the day everyone! I uploaded my first episode today and I am sooooooooooo excited! I finally get to tell you the name of my podcast today. I really struggled with naming my podcast. I was going back and forth between names and eventually I finally found one. So with out further ado the name of my podcast is……. Talk With Me!!! I’m so excited for the podcast to be published. The first Episode is scheduled to be published today at 8pm tonight. The first episode is short and brief. Eventually I will make longer ones as time goes on. Its a little rough around the edges but this is my first one. And you will be able to listen to podcast on this blog, so check it out at 8pm!!!


Podcast 3

So as you guys know I’ve been putting together a podcast. I just wanted to give everyone an update. Everything is going well with the podcast. I Finally chose a name for it. Right now I am trying to get the first episode together. Everything is coming along. I am hoping to get the the first episode out by the end of the this week or sometime next week. I’ll announce the name when it gets closer to the first episode to come out. I hope that the podcast comes out good. I am so excited to see the podcast take off. Putting this podcast together has been keeping me busy and focused. Look out for another update pretty soon!!


Podcasting 2

My podcast is underway. I am starting to get everything together for the podcast. I got the equimpement and now I am trying to figure out a name. I have an idea about what I’m going to name the podcast but I haven’t decided yet. I am excited to get everything up and running. Hopefully I will get everything going within a couple weeks.

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I’ve been thinking about making some updates to my blog. I’ve been interested in podcasting for a while now, and I think this is the best time to start it. I’m a little bit nervous about it because i am shy and I hate public speaking but i feel like I have so much to say and podcasting is the perfect place for it. So I think I am going to add a podcast to this blog within the next couple of months. I just need to push myself to do it, don’t think just do it. I wanna push myself out of my comfort zone, I wanna get myself out of this Funk.