Snackcrate of September

I just got my snackcrate box today. And the country that I got this month is ….. Hong Kong!! I am so excited to try the snacks in this box. The box also came with a drink. The snacks look like they are going to taste really good. Let me dig in and then I will let you know what I think of the snacks.


Lasts Month Universal Box

Last month I got my Universal Box. For last month’s Universal Box I got Germany! I didn’t do a blog post for it because I had a lot going on last month. But I really enjoyed the Germany Box. It is my second favorite Box. It had a lot of chocolate which I love chocolate. I really loved the strawberry Rhubarb. There was a sweetness to and the white chocolate was so good. By far my favorite snack out of all the snacks in the box was the Cookie Dough Chocolate Bar. I love cookie dough and having it in a chocolate bar was the best. They had chips in the chips in the box but I didn’t try them. Overall I really liked the Box and can’t wait for the next one to arrive.


Universal yums box #2 part 2

So I must say that This Universal Yums box was by far my favorite. There are so many different flavors . My top favorite was the Esmeralda Biscuit Orange Zest. It was sweet but not too sweet. I love that you can smell the orange zest on the snack. Another Favorite Was the Carmel Bubble. It just melts in your mouth and I love white chocolate. I also really liked the Bounty Fruit Summer mix. I love that it was sweet and had a fruity taste.The Tiramisu cream Cake Roll wasn’t bad but the coffee taste was to strong for me. I don’t like coffee in general. The Hrustata Potata Veal and Adjika was ok but wasn’t my favorite. It had a lot of flavors but wasn’t spicy and I love spicy food. The Wasabi chips strips disappointed me. I was expecting it to be spicy and they weren’t.  They just tasted like a potato chip. The Homemade onion Bread Chip and the Homemade garlic Bread Chip weren’t my favorites. The garlic and the Onion taste are very over powering. But overall this box was my favorite. I can’t wait to see what Country I get next month!!


Universal Yums Netherlands

Overall the Universal yums box i got today was good.my favorite snack from the box was the Dutch Speculaas Cookies. I loved the cinnamon taste, and when I eat it it gives me holiday vibes,it’s so good. Another snack I liked was the cinnamon sticks. I have a sweet tooth and the cinnamon sticks were the perfect amount of sweet. I also enjoyed the StroopWafels. They are waffle cookies with carmel filling. When you it eat it just melts in your mouth. So I wasn’t a big fan of the black olive cheese biscuit. I love olives and I love cheese just not in biscuit form. The Indian spiced biscuits were ok,not bad but ok. I could definitely taste the spices in them. I didn’t like the Candy Car. I don’t like candy thats tough to eat. The chedder and Raspberry Cheese Crispies were ok. They tasted like cheznits . I could taste the raspberries in them. But I enjoyed the Gemengde Chocolade . I love chocolate so my taste buds really enjoyed that snack. Overall the box was good. I loved the variety snacks that were in the box. Maybe one I will visit Netherlands . I can wait to see what country I get Next month!


Universal Yums

So as you know i ended my Universal Yums subscription while ago when the Corona Virus started going around. I did it as a precaution just to be safe . But its been a couple of months, and i am thinking of restarting my Subscription again. I miss trying the different snacks from different countries. And i miss the excitement of wondering how everything is going to taste and if i am going to like it . So be on the lookout for Universal Yums blog posts in the next coming months .


SnackCrate #2 Snack Review Talk

I must say there is a lot a different flavors going on in this box. My least favorite was the Extreme Chewits Tutti Fruitti flavor. It had a bad after taste to me . But I did like Sour Apple flavor Chewits. Another least favorite snack was the the Bacon Flavor Fries, which surprises me because I love bacon but bacon flavor just doesn’t taste good. I was surprised how much I really liked the Scampi&Lemon Flavour fries. The Tayto Craft Vintage Iris Chedder & Onion Flavour crisp weren’t bad but they weren’t my favorite. They just tasted like regular potato chips . The Mega Meanies pickled onion flavor crunchy puffed corn Weren’t bad either . When you first open the bag you can definitely smell the pickles but when I ate it really didn’t taste the pickle all that much. The Elite Kimberly cookies with marshmallow that has been dipped in milk chocolate was one of the snacks that I didn’t like.  I thought I would love that one because I love chocolate and I love Mashmallows. But i ended up not liking it . It had like a weird cinnamon taste to it to me that I didn’t like. Skips Tingly Prawn Cocktail wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my favorite. On the bag it tells you that when you put it on your tongue it will melt and I can tell you that it definitely does melt in your mouth. Overall I thought this box was really good. It has so many different flavors and there was a lot of snacks to choose from. I really enjoyed this box. It made me feel like I was experiencing Ireland. My Universal Yums box should be coming next and I can’t wait because i think the country for that box is France, another country I have dreamed of going to visit. Can’t wait for it to get here.


SnackCrate #2 part 1

So my second Snackcrate is on the way.Have no idea what country I will be getting this time. Should be here in a couple of days. Can’t wait to see what country it is this time. When it gets here I’ll let you know all that came with it. I hope the snacks will be good.


Universal Yums Poland Part 3

I just got my Universal SnackBox and I am sooooooooooooooo excited. It’s a day late but that’s ok. First off I got the Country Poland, same country I got with SnackCrate. But I can tell you right know the snacks are totally different then what I got in my Snackcrate box. The one thing I love is that it comes with a booklet that has information on the country and fun facts about each snacks that came in the box.it comes with a quiz in the booklet and a recipe for a dish that you can make. The other thing that I like is that it comes with a yum bag with extra little snacks in it. This is by far my favorite snackbox . I got the mini box. Even though its a mini box it came with a lot of snacks. You also get a clue about what the Country is going to be for the next box, and I think the next one is going to be France. My favorite snack was the sponge cake with apricot filling. the one that surprised me the most that I liked a lot was the pretzel sticks with poppy seeds on them,they’re called Beskidzkie Paluscki. Didn’t know if I was going to like the poppy seeds on it but it turned out to be pretty good. Another snack that was in the box that I really enjoyed was Tago Delice Meringues. It’s cookie with a nut filling and it has chocolate on top of it . I think overall the snacks in this box were all very good. I can’t wait for the next box to come in February,can’t wait to see what I am going to get next time.