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Although I don’t watch General Hospital ever day I still keep up with what’s going on. First off the Esme situation is out of control. Now she is claiming to be pregnant, this is like Nelle all over again. I feel like she is going to take Spencer so far down the rabbit hole that he won’t be able to get out of it. And now Trina is getting caught up because of Esme. We all know that Esme is the reason for the sex tape of Josslyn and Cam. But of course she is going to pin it on Trina. I think that Esme came to town to make everyone’s life hell because of what’s been put in her head regarding Ryan. I definitely believe that Ryan is Esme father and I believe Esme is trying to get back at everyone that she thinks hurt her father. Or maybe she is just out right crazy like Ryan and just wants to hurt people. it reminds me how when Nelle came to town trying to get back at people for things that ended up being a lie. I am still holding out hope for Trina and Spencer. However I think that Trina did the right thing when she said goodbye to Spencer. As much As I want them together its not fair for Trina to have to wait for Spencer . Trina deserves better than that and as long as Esme is in Spencer’s life there is no way that Spencer and Trina can have anything between them whether that’s a friendship or something more. Then there is Sonny and all the drama with Nina. I really believe that Sonny and Carly will find their way back to each other, But I understand why the divorce happened. I do feel like Nina and Sonny need to explore a relationship with each other in their real life so they can see where it can go as Nina and sonny not as Nina and Mike. However I don’t want Sonny to destroy his relationship with his kids specifically Michael over Nina. I know that Sonny is trying to Help Nina see her grandson Wiley but if Sonny keeps pushing Michael on it he may end up losing Michael or Michael may end up banning Sonny from seeing Wiley. I think that Sonny and Nina need to step back and give everyone space. Let things simmer down first and when everything cools down then reapproach the subject again. Right now everything is still fresh, and people are still dealing with the fallout from the Nina and Sonny situation. Michael is Wiley’s father and he has a right to decide who is going to be around his son. and I know that Nina is Wiley’s grandmother but she needs to give Michael and Willow space and time and maybe then they will come around. Plus to be honest I don’t think that she is really Nelle’s mother. I Think that whole thing is a set up. I don’t even think that Nelle is really dead. Hell I wouldn’t be surprise if she just shows up out of the blue one day. She could be in hiding plotting and scheming. But anyways I hope that Sonny gets back to himself soon. I don’t really like feel Sonny has allowed himself to deal with the grief and all the changes that have taken place in his life this past year. For months he went on thinking he was someone else, then he gets his memories back and goes home. After coming home he has to deal with the Cyrus situation ,then he loses his best friend Jason. a top of that his marriage starts to crumple all while trying to deal with his feeling for Nina. That is a lot to handle for one person. Although I don’t think Sonny would do therapy again because i think he was in therapy once before, I think Sonny needs therapy now. I hate seeing Sonny this way, you can tell he is not in a good place. But maybe talking to someone that doesn’t know him as Sonny and who doesn’t know him as mike will help him figure things out. I Hope he is still on his meds. I remember him telling Carly that he had been off his meds for I think two weeks. So hopefully he is really back on his meds. Speaking of Carly, As much as I love the character Drew I don’t want him with Carly romantically. If they get together I want it to be for the right reasons. I’m afraid that if they get together now its going to be because of their grieve for Jason. I know that Carly is missing Jason but I would hate for her to get with Drew under those pretenses. She tried that with Franco. She got With Franco because she thought that Franco and Jason were twins and she was missing her friend. And that situation completely blew up in her face. I don’t want that to happen to Carly and Drew. No can ever replace Jason, there is only one Jason. And no one can replace Drew. Drew is his own person, and has his own life. Drew spent so much time living Jason’s life, and having Jason’s memories. Drew Deserves to be with someone that wants be with him for him not because they are trying to hold on to piece of Jason. I really think that there is so much more to learn about Drew now that he has his memories . I think that Carly and Drew could have a really great friendship but this is the wrong time for them to get together romantically. I wonder what’s going to happen next on General Hospital. Even though General Hospital tends to drag out their storylines they still know how to keep their viewers entertained.

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General Hospital Notes Part 1

So there is a lot of stuff happening with General Hospital. Steve Burton left General Hospital. His Character Jason is supposedly dead . I am not surprised the direction they took with Jason. When heard that Steve Burton was possible leaving I had a feeling that this was probably the direction they were going to take with the character. And Plus the way they left it with Jason it gives them an opening to bring him back if they want to . I am a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see where things could have gone with Jason and Britt. I’m not a big fan of Britt but I was really starting to warm up to the idea of Jason and Britt being together. Then you have the whole situation with Sonny and Nina. I wish Sonny would have just told Carly about what happen with and Nina. I know that even if he told Carly from the beginning about what happen with him and Nina it would not change how hurt and angry Carly is going to be. However I think it’s better coming from him then from somebody else. Its going to hurt her more knowing that he kept this from her ,lied to her, and is in love Nina. And It’s not going to stay a secret for too long, some people already know like Peter and Willow. I would not be surprised that with losing Jason,things being strained with Sonny, that once Carly finds out about the Relationship between Nina and Sonny that Carly has a breakdown. I know she will definitely be going off on Nina. I Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens with them. Sasha and brando lost their baby. I thought General Hospital did a really good job with this storyline. I love that they brought Mike back as an angel to take the baby with him. And with all that going on Chase finds out about Maxie’s baby and now he is pretending to be the father. I understand why Maxie did what she did but there had to have been another way to keep Peter away from her child. I just having a feeling that this is going to blow up in Maxie’s face and that Peter already knows. For some reason I really think he knows. And then you have Curtis’s father showing up all of a sudden. I am a little suspicious about that and clearly Curtis’s Aunt know more than what she is saying.Then there is stuff going on with the Cassadines, which is not surprising because they are always into something. And Ava can never stay way from trouble. There is a lot of good stuff happening on General Hospital. I just hope they don’t drag their storylines for to long , cause they have a real bad habit of doing that. They still have the never ending Peter storyline going on. But even so I still can’t wait to see what happens next with some of these storylines.

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General Hospital Nov 16 2021

Got to see today’s Episode of General Hospital. Overall it was pretty good. I really enjoyed seeing Jason and Drew together considering the circumstance with Peter. Peter however is getting on my nerves. I love the actor that plays Peter however this story line with Peter has gone far enough. The longer the story line goes the more annoying Peter gets. And its mind blowing to me that he thinks that he going to get Maxie back with everything that he has done. I mean I’m assuming that when he talks about getting his family back he’s talking about Maxie. I really think that Peter is losing his grip with reality. And maybe that’s the show plan with him who knows. And Maxie’s whole plan with Brook Lynn regarding the baby was a bad idea. I understand her wanting to keep her child away from Peter but there had to have been a better way. And we all know that when it comes to Soap Operas that nothing stays a secret for long. Its not if its going to come out, its when and how it will come out because it always does. And now Glady is catching on to Brook Lynn.if you’ve been watching you know that Gladys is not going to stay quiet without getting something in return. And then there is Esme. Esme is something else. I really hope Spencer opens his eyes to her. He may think he knows her but it was clear from day one that Esme has her own agenda. Maybe deep down somewhere she cares about Spencer but she is definitely playing games. I am glad that Josslyn and Trina can see right through her. Although Spencer has mad some bad choices, I am rooting for him. I don’t think that Spencer is a bad person, I think that he has been spoiled for most of his life, and he hasn’t had the proper guidance. I mean Laura and Sonny have always been there for Spencer, and they try to guide him in the right direction. I love seeing his interactions with Sonny because you can tell how much Sonny loves him and just wants the best for him. But i believe that Spencer is going to be ok. He still has a lot of growing to do. I hope that him and Trina get together. You can tell that that they like each other more than friends. I am rooting for them all the way.

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General Hospital Jason and Carly

I am a really big fan of General Hospital. Some of my favorite characters include Jason and Carly. Right know Jason and Carly are apart of this storyline where they have married each other. Now as much as I love their friendship, I don’t think getting married was a good idea. I know that they got married for business reasons, I still don’t think it was a good idea. I’m a really big Jasam shipper, however I was starting to be ok with Jason potentially being with Britt. I’m not a big fan of Britt but I could definitely see the sparks between her and Jason. I feel like this buisness arrangement between Jason and Carly is going to blow up in their faces. I feel like when the time comes to end the marriage Carly might drag her feet. Jason was the one that got away. And even though she had moved on I don’t think the idea of being with Jason romantically has ever left her mind. I am so ready for Sonny to get his memory back. I hope that what Jason and Carly are doing doesn’t destroy their relationship with Sonny. I love the brotherly relationship that Sonny and Jason have . I love the family that Sonny,Jason,and Carly have built together. They are a good example of your family is what you make it , you don’t have to share blood to be family.


General Hospital: The possible return Of Drew Cain

So as you may know Cameron Mathison is going to be on General Hospital. It’s unknown who he is going to play. But there are rumors going around that he might be playing Drew cain. First I am really excited about Cameron being on General Hospital. He is a really great actor. You may recognize him as Ryan Lavery from All My children. Ryan Lavery was one of my favorite characters on All My Children. Secondly I like the idea of Drew Cain coming back because I feel like there is so much more to learn about drew, and there is so much more that General Hospital can do with Drew Cain. I think that Cameron will do an awesome job playing drew and making Drew his own if he is playing Drew. I am really excited to see who he is going to play on General Hospital.